Networking Concepts


The NetsBlox Room defines the local network for a given application. A room can contain a number of different roles which are distinct NetsBlox clients running in their own window or machine. For example, a TicTacToe game may consist of two roles, X and Y, which represent the two players in the game of TicTacToe:

Example of a room with two roles for playing TicTacToe


Remote messaging allows users to send messages over the internet between different instances of NetsBlox, enabling users to create distributed, online apps. Unlike events, messages can contain a structured data payload. That is, they can be used to send information between NetsBlox scripts and users. The structure of messages is defined in a message type. A message type contains the name of the message as well as the names of the expected fields of the message. For example, a message type may specify a type of message called TicTacToe that contains fields for role, row, and column.

Services (RPCs)

Services are provided by the NetsBlox server and allow the client to easily incorporate third party utilities (such as GoogleMaps, MovieDB, Weather, and Traffic data) as well as simplifies the creation of games which otherwise may be more complex (such as Battleship and ConnectN).