The New York Public Library (NYPL) Service provides access to NYPL’s online repository of historical items.


NewYorkPublicLibrary.getDetails(uuid: String)

Get details about the item. This requires the uuid for the object, which can be retrieved from


  • uuid: String (String) - uuid of the object

Returns: List (List) - Item details

NewYorkPublicLibrary.getImage(itemID: String)

Get an image of the object. This requires the itemID for the object, which can be retrieved from


  • itemID: String (String) - itemID of the object

Returns: Image (Image) - An image of the object, if one is available String, perPage: BoundedNumber<1, 1000>?, page: BoundedNumber<1>?)

Search the New York Public Library collection and return matching items. Because there may be many matching items, search results are arranged in pages. You can specify the number of items in each page and the page number to retrieve.

This returns a list of up to perPage matches. Each item in the list is structured data containing details about the object. This includes:


  • term: String (String) - Search term
  • perPage: BoundedNumber<1, 1000>? (BoundedNumber) - Maximum number of items in a page of results (default 50)
  • page: BoundedNumber<1>? (BoundedNumber) - Page number of results to get (default 1)

Returns: List<Object> (List | Object) - An list of up to perPage matching objects