The ConnectN Service provides helpers for building games like Connect-4 and Tic-Tac-Toe.



Check if every position on the current board is occupied.

Returns: Boolean (Boolean) - true if the board is full, otherwise false


Check if the current game is over.

Returns: Boolean (Boolean) - true if game over, otherwise false

ConnectN.newGame(row: Number?, column: Number?, numDotsToConnect: Number?)

Create a new ConnectN game


  • row: Number? (Number) - The number of rows on the game board

  • column: Number? (Number) - The number of columns on the game board

  • numDotsToConnect: Number? (Number) - The number of connected tiles required to win Integer, column: Integer)

Play at the given row, column to occupy the location.


  • row: Integer (Integer) - The given row at which to move

  • column: Integer (Integer) - The given column at which to move