A simple Wordle-like word guessing game.


WordGuess.getWordList(length: BoundedInteger<3, 20>)

Get a list of all the possible words given a word length


Returns: List<String> (List | String) - word list


Give up on the current game and learn the target word

WordGuess.guess(word: BoundedString<3, 10>)

Guess the word. Returns a list where each item is the feedback for the corresponding character. Feedback is a “3” if the character is correct, “2” if it is correct but in the wrong place, and “1” if the letter is not present in the word.


  • word: BoundedString<3, 10> (BoundedString) - Guess for this round

WordGuess.start(length: BoundedInteger<3, 10>?)

Start the guessing game by having the computer choose a random word with the given length.


  • length: BoundedInteger<3, 10>? (BoundedInteger) - Length of word to search for (default 5)