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Earthquakes.byRegion(minLatitude: Latitude, maxLatitude: Latitude, minLongitude: Longitude, maxLongitude: Longitude, startTime: String?, endTime: String?, minMagnitude: Number?, maxMagnitude: Number?)

Send messages for earthquakes within a given region


  • minLatitude: Latitude (Latitude) - Minimum latitude of region

  • maxLatitude: Latitude (Latitude) - Maximum latitude of region

  • minLongitude: Longitude (Longitude) - Minimum longitude of region

  • maxLongitude: Longitude (Longitude) - Maximum longitude of region

  • startTime: String? (String) - Minimum time

  • endTime: String? (String) - Maximum time

  • minMagnitude: Number? (Number) - Minimum magnitude of earthquakes to report

  • maxMagnitude: Number? (Number) - Maximum magnitude of earthquakes to report


Stop sending earthquake messages