The HurricaneData service provides access to the revised Atlantic hurricane database (HURDAT2) from the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

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HurricaneData.getHurricaneData(name: String, year: BoundedNumber<1850, 2020>)

Get hurricane data including location, maximum winds, and central pressure.


  • name: String info - name of the hurricane
  • year: BoundedNumber<1850, 2020> info - year that the hurricane occurred in

Returns: List<Object> info - All recorded data for the given hurricane

HurricaneData.getHurricanesInYear(year: BoundedNumber<1850, 2020>)

Get the names of all hurricanes occurring in the given year.


  • year: BoundedNumber<1850, 2020> info

Returns: List<String> info - names

HurricaneData.getYearsWithHurricaneNamed(name: String)

Get the years in which a hurricane with the given name occurred.


  • name: String info - name of the hurricane to find the year(s) of

Returns: List<Number> info - years - list with all of the years that a particular name has been used for a hurricane