This service provides access to the RainViewer aggregated database. RainViewer provides access to recent and forecasted weather radar maps all around the world.



Get the list of valid color schemes for the RainViewer.getOverlay() RPC.

Returns: List<ColorScheme> (List | ColorScheme) - The list of valid color schemes.

RainViewer.getOverlay(latitude: Latitude, longitude: Longitude, width: BoundedInteger<1>, height: BoundedInteger<1>, zoom: BoundedInteger<1, 25>, timeOffset: TimeOffset?, options: Object?)

Gets a transparent overlay that can be placed directly on to of a map provided by GoogleMaps.getMap() to display recent or forecasted weather radar data.


  • latitude: Latitude (Latitude) - Latitude of the returned map (centered).

  • longitude: Longitude (Longitude) - Longitude of the returned map (centered).

  • width: BoundedInteger<1> (BoundedInteger) - Width (in pixels) of the returned map.

  • height: BoundedInteger<1> (BoundedInteger) - Height (in pixels) of the returned map.

  • zoom: BoundedInteger<1, 25> (BoundedInteger) - The zoom level of the returned image (see the GoogleMaps service).

  • timeOffset: TimeOffset? (TimeOffset) - The time offset of the desired forecast (defaults to now, which represents current weather).

  • options: Object? (Object) - Additional drawing options.

    • smooth: Boolean? (Boolean) - If set to true, smooths the radar overlay in the returned image to be more aesthetically pleasing (default true).

    • showSnow: Boolean? (Boolean) - If set to true, renders snow as a separate color from normal precipitation (default false).

    • colorScheme: ColorScheme? (ColorScheme) - An integer denoting the color scheme to use in the returned image (default 4).

Returns: Image (Image) - The rendered radar data overlay.


Get the list of valid radar time offsets for the RainViewer.getOverlay() RPC. The returned time offsets are in chronological order.

Returns: List<TimeOffset> (List | TimeOffset) - The list of valid time offsets in chronological order.